RFID / Biometric Facility

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system is used in registration and anti-theft protection.

This system has helped in

  • Speedy circulation activities
  • Automation of many routine activities like check in/out
  • Ability to take inventory/stock taking fast without manual intervention
  • Frees staff for better interaction with patrons and other library work
  • Provides librarian with details of check in/out from across the globe
  • Security against intentional and unintentional removal of library material without checkout
  • It provides 24-hour check in facility to patrons
  • Automation reduces manpower requirements.

Biometric attendance system:

Entry and exit for all users from the library register their attendance in the library through biometric attendance system. It documents the number of visitors and the time both being incorporated into ERP. Log-in report can be generated and tracked.